Successful businesses have one, simple thing in common.
They meet customer needs better than the competition.

Marketing and brand strategy go hand in hand. They are driven by the same, simple ethos – understand your customer needs and deliver a relevant service to meet them. There is no black magic sorry. A sound marketing strategy will drive a sound brand strategy – and all of it should be driven by an understanding of the customer.

Brand Discovery & Audit

We work with you to understand what your brand needs to say – how will you position your product to be relevant to your audience? By using various customer research and segmentation methods, we can help you identify the key emotional and rational decision-making variables that your customers will use to make their purchase decision.  We then work with you to identify your most relevant product features relevant to these variables, before measuring these against points of parity and difference to your competition. With all of this insight we come to the money shot; what is the space that you need to own with your brand? Following this special moment, we’ll carry out a brand audit of your current brand status to understand how well your brand is currently represented to stakeholder audiences. We can then finish off by piecing all of this together with a brand pyramid, outlining the fundamental pillars on which your brand strategy should be built.

Brand Strategy

Once we have a good understanding of your what your brand needs to say, we will move into developing your brand toolkit, including brand vision, brand positioning, brand personality and brand experience map.  We deliver these with your stakeholder involvement at every stage, to ensure engagement and buy-in from your teams.

Marketing Strategy

Often we work with companies who are still struggling to understand what it is they want to achieve in the marketplace.  We use various immersion, discovery and research techniques, including internal workshops, to develop the necessary insight to help them plan marketing strategies and communications plans.  These are often closely linked to the brand strategy and can share insight derived from our customer experience services too.

Internal Engagement

No marketing and brand strategy will be a success without the belief and support of your internal audiences and stakeholders.  Of course, a brand is just the sum of experiences with a  product or services and your employees are a fundamental part of shaping that experience.  We are very experienced in taking your workforce through the brand journey with us, so that they are motivated and prepared to make your brand or marketing strategy a success.  Don’t worry, there is not a troublemaker we haven’t come across yet.

Brand Execution

From your brand logo and identity, colours, icons and strap lines, key messaging and brand placement –  we can help you make your brand strategy into something real and tangible.  Take a look at our brand identity work to understand how.

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