“We want to grow our reach and be more relevant to audience.”

TTR Barnes, Sunderland-based accountancy firm.

Behaviour To Change


  • MakeĀ TTRĀ Barnes the number one accountant in the region
  • Increase the appeal to smaller businesses and start-ups
  • Generate interest and enthusiasm from staff and stakeholders

Tools We Created


  • CX map and personas
  • Marketing communications plan
  • Web redesign
  • Keyword strategy

Activity We Implemented


  • Search marketing (SEO and PPC)
  • Content and social marketing programme
  • Event marketing

Results We Got


  • Increased organic web traffic by 10% within 6 months
  • Increased social referral traffic by 70% within 6 months
  • No.1 rankings for targeted keywords
  • Total website visitor increase year on year of 330%
  • Audience reach of 70,000 across new social media channels in first year
  • Winner of Medium Business of the Year at the Sunderland Portfolio Awards